Training School

September Thursday 8th - Monday 12th, 2016, PORTO

The third SIPS Training School will be held in the Materials Centre of the University of Porto, CEMUP, from 08 to 12 September 2016 (five days).

The topic of this Training School will be centered on advanced methods for the chemical, physical and microstructural characterization of materials. The CEMUP facilities include Laboratories of Surface Analysis, Scanning Probe Microscopy and Structural Elucidation. 20 PhD students from SIPs may participate in this Training School, additionally a few external PhD students may also be included. This Training School is giving the possibility for students to choose the most interesting characterization techniques for their own work, carrying out selected experimental demonstrations, with data processing and analysis.

Tentative Programme

1st Day 08/09/2016 (Thursday)Registration, Lectures on XPS and AFM.
2nd day 09/09/2016 (Friday)Lectures on MS and EPR.
3rd day 10/09/2016 (Saturday)Experimental Demonstrations and analysis- Part 1 (techniques will be chosen by students).
4th day 11/09/2016 (Sunday)Experimental Demonstrations and analysis- Part 2 (techniques will be chosen by students).
5th day 12/09/2016 (Monday)Lectures on X-ray diffraction.